Over the years I've used hiking and photography as an outlet to refresh my mind, body, and spirit. I've planned and lead small-group adventures, from weekend trips to month long cross-country endeavors. My focus has been on providing a unique and personal adventure while gaining some understanding of the environment, ecology, and culture of the region. I strive to avoid "tourist traps" and instead seek out destinations and experiences that allow participants to truly connect with the natural location. For me, photography is a means of deepening the connection to nature by slowing down and being intentional with each shot. I seek to capture my personal feelings and interpretation of the landscape.

For me, nature is not an escape but a return. A return to who I am, unplugged and unencumbered by material conveniences and distractions. When I’m out in the wild, whether it be for one day or several, I feel more connected to my surroundings, and find that with that connection I gain a closer understanding of myself, who I am and what I can do. The landscape is my sanctuary and the inner peace it gives me compares to no other. I see the natural landscape as not something to challenge or tame, but rather to discover, experience, and share with others.

I feel my experiences in the wilderness, whether it be hiking through foot-deep snow in the NC mountains, swimming in a cold mountain stream in the High Sierras, listening to loons in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters, or slopping through waste deep mud in a Utah slot canyon, have made positive lasting impressions on me that define who I am and the life I lead. It’s in telling about these experiences through photography that excites me and leads me to seek out the next adventure.

Please feel free to reach out to me through my Contact page if you're interested in purchasing or using any of my photographs, or are seeking advice or services for planning or leading your next adventure.

I invite you to watch a video my brother-in-law and best friend, Steve, assembled after our 2015 road trip out to the Four Corners region of the southwest. A video of pictures of me taking pictures - Enjoy!